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Volumental Opens in China to Further Fuel Growth

By Volumental

“Several of our customers including Bauer, Canada Goose and New Balance, have long requested to be able to use our products in China,” says Alper Aydemir, co-founder and CEO of Volumental. “During the previous year, we have reduced our customers’ return costs by 18 percent on average.”

Alper explains that many Chinese companies can implement new high-tech software solutions more quickly than in Western countries, which are saddled with outdated IT systems. “We have customers in China who are eager to cooperate with us from day one,” he adds.  

Competitive Advantage Powers Innovation

To meet fast-growing demand for its technology internationally, Volumental recruited a new Chief Commercial Officer, Maria Green Danell, to accelerate growth opportunities. 

Maria brings more than 20 years of experience in the technology industry at Microsoft and most recently as operations manager at AI company Peltarion. Maria has worked in Asia for more than four years and will play an integral role in building Volumental’s China business. 

“What made me realize Volumental’s potential was when I learned that the company has over 36 million scanned images of feet,” says Maria Green Danell, Chief Commercial Officer at Volumental. “In AI, the amount of data is an important competitive advantage and it will be difficult for any other company to ever catch up to our lead. Thanks to its enormous amount of data, Volumental can constantly innovate new products that create value for our customers. I look forward to further growing the company internationally, especially in the Chinese market.”

Breakthrough Retail Technology Solutions

Volumental helps world-leading brands and retailers improve the shopping experience in their online and offline stores using customer data insights. Using its integrated FitTech™ platform, Volumental's AI engine matches the customer's 3D images with purchase data and provides the end customer with a personalized shoe recommendation with a perfect fit. 

Volumental's marketing platform also helps its customers implement hyper-personalized digital marketing campaigns based on the end customer's unique fit. Volumental is the only recommendation solution that gives retailers and brands the tools to create a holistic omnichannel shopping experience based on fit.

Volumental AB, the company that uses AI technology to help shoe brands and retailers ensure a perfect fit for every consumer, has announced the expansion of its operations into China with the opening of an office in Beijing. Following a strong year of growth, the company is also strengthening its management team and sales force with the appointment of a new Chief Commercial Officer.