Volumental Omnichannel Tools

Meet our little bundle of joy... 

When you sign up for Volumental’s in-store scanner hardware & software subscription, we also bundle it with our online recommendations tools in order to empower your omnichannel aspirations when it comes to the footwear shopping journey. 

Use our powerful data and user interfaces to deliver a consistent and personalized customer journey, both in-store and online.

Book a demo and let our team show you the big difference in the Volumental approach to connected experiences, everywhere your shoppers expect you to be.  

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E-commerce as unique as your brand

Shoppers love personalization

Open rate from personalized campaigns
Higher conversion from promotions
Share data for personalized experience

True personalization, powered by fit

Volumental’s omnichannel tools are your bridge between bricks and clicks, helping you create a consistent end-to-end experience that doesn't come to a screeching halt once a customer leaves your store.

Allow in-store customers to use the data from their 3D foot scans to shop online to find shoes that best fit their feet. Launch personalized and targeted email campaigns based on 1st-party data they've already opted in to. You'll see engagement and conversion rates soar as you finally deliver on the promise of unified retail experiences when it comes to footwear fit. 

Personalized e-commerce pages

Imagine every shopper getting their own list of perfectly fitting shoes, generated based on their favorite shoe types and their unique foot shape. The Volumental e-commerce solution allows a scanned shopper to sign in and choose from everything in your current inventory that will fit them. No frustrating waste of energy and effort,  just a frictionless online shopping experience that’s entirely tailored to each of your customers.

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E-commerce fit visualizations

Volumental’s e-commerce tools show exactly how each shoe style fits your shopper’s feet on all dimensions - not just the length. They can choose for themselves if they want to go with the most popular footwear selections for their foot shape and size, or go a bit more snug or loose based on their personal preferences. Shoppers won’t forget the experience of buying shoes from your site and will surely come back for more.
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Unmatched marketing personalization

Personalized marketing shouldn’t be limited to just producing emails that address shoppers by their first name. Volumental powers compelling email campaigns by turning your customers’ unique foot data into highly accurate and personalized product recommendations. These targeted emails convert at a 3x-4x higher rate than all other generic “check out these new products / shop our site / big savings now” campaigns. 

Ways to build personalized campaigns with Volumental data:

  • Create a mailing list of customers that are a perfect match with a given shoe.
  • Tell parents exactly when their kids have grown out of their shoes.
  • Give athletes a heads up when it’s time to replace that well-used pair based on information they provided in their profile during the initial scan.
  • Reach out to your customers with a unique set of new product recommendations, tailored just for them.
  • Move clearance products earlier in the markdown cycle, with targeted offers on their perfect fitting styles in relevant categories.

The possibilities are endless for our partners!

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