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The Athlete's Foot

With The Athlete's Foot (TAF) experiencing incredible growth, they wanted a fast and integrated technology to enhance their customer service experience. Fit was already a huge focus of their customer journey, and TAF needed a retail technology to complement their existing fitting process.

Read how TAF was able to integrate Volumental's 3D in-store retail scanner into their fitting process to give the ability to digitize customer data collection with the primary goal to increase their MyFit Rewards membership base.

Red Wing Shoe Company

Red Wing Shoe Company, Inc., a global leader in the design, production and distribution of safety and lifestyle footwear and work apparel, is well known for its best-fitting work boots that reduce fatigue and protect feet. The company wanted to build on this heritage and take the footwear shopping and size fitting experience it provides customers to the next level.

Red Wing turned to Volumental, a global provider of 3D foot scanning technology, to advance Red Wing’s Ultimate Fit Experience, which is only available in the retailer’s 500-plus retail stores. This experience provides the most customizable, premium and efficient retail experience in the work and lifestyle boot category.


Stride Rite

Kids don’t usually know how to describe what fits. And anyone who’s tried to wrestle shoes onto an antsy toddler knows how tough it can be to hold their attention as you try on (seemingly endless) pairs, looking for the right size. For both clerks and parents, it can all feel like guesswork.

That’s why we created a fitting process – used by children’s footwear brand Stride Rite – that’s fast and simple enough to ensure even the wiggliest kids are accurately scanned. Our purchase reminder emails also predict growth spurts and let families know when it’s time to return to your store, increasing retention and giving parents peace of mind.

stride rite

Fleet Feet

In 2018, specialty footwear retailer Fleet Feet wanted to gain a better understanding of the foot measurements of its customers. The company turned to Volumental to install its 3D foot scanners across Fleet Feet’s entire network of retail stores.

Since establishing its Fit ID outfitting process powered by Volumental’s technology, the retailer has further refined its measurement capabilities to match the right shoe to the right shopper, while also improving the comfort of the insoles it offers. This process has allowed Fleet Feet to collect biometric data from more than two million shoppers that have used the 3D scanners in-store.

What our clients are saying

“The Athlete's Foot (TAF) has had technology in their stores since 2000. We have always been centered around technology, but before working with Volumental, it’s been a clunky journey. Since working with Volumental, our speed in which we work with technology has been lightning fast, and it has changed the way we go to market, and we can quickly adapt now.”
Steve Cohen, Group CEO, TAF
"Key metrics such as increased traffic, improvements to average selling price, and overall consumer service levels have improved."
John Davidson, Senior Brand Manager, Bauer
"It’s pretty much unheard of that all franchisees are excited about investing in a technology, but we like to give them things that are irresistibly attractive."
Victor Ornelas, Director of Vendor Management, Fleet Feet
"Customers see their feet in a different light after a 3D scan; they can see the problems and appreciate why they need insoles or a special boot."

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