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We produce shoe recommendations for millions of shoppers by leveraging a combination of 3D foot scans, retail purchase data and AI.


Trusted by 90+ of the world’s top retailers and brands


Leverage the power of data

We have the largest dataset of 3D foot scans in the world - and turn that data into relevant information for your business.

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The Volumental FitTech Platform

A fully integrated suite of 3D scanning and data tools to optimize fit. We bring together everything needed to simplify sizing for shoppers. Our products power retail scanning, mobile scanning, personalized recommendations, and digital marketing tools.



Our Products

Volumental Retail Scanner

Capture 3D foot data in a matter of seconds using our in-store 3D scanner. Combine this with retail purchase data and an AI-driven Fit Engine and you get the world's most accurate footwear recommendations.


Volumental Mobile App

Our 3D scanning app reinvents the sizing experience by allowing customers to scan their feet - without reference objects or awkward gymnastics moves - to get personalized shoe recommendations.

Solve fit. Solve returns. Get sized from anywhere at any time.


Volumental Engage

Use our powerful data to deliver a personalized customer journey, both in-store and online. Create targeted digital marketing and e-commerce tools to deliver the fit experience across marketplaces - everywhere your customers buy shoes.


What You'll Get

A team of PhD-level engineers, data scientists, UX researchers, and retail experts committed to delivering the highest level of fit technology to you and your shoppers by using a 3D foot scanner, in-store or online.

Why Volumental?

Because it just works. We can geek out about why our computer vision and software programming expertise makes our 3D scanning technology the world’s best, both in-store and online. We can describe precisely how our 30 million (and counting) foot scans matched to retail purchases drives our blazing-fast and hyper-accurate AI recommendation algorithms.

But all you really need to know is that our 3D foot scanners and Fit Engine™ recommendations will work for you on even the busiest days in your retail stores. But then, our mobile scanning technology will allow your shoppers to connect directly with you, from anywhere at any time, to find their perfect fit.
Volumental just makes it work in over 3000 stores in 46 countries and online via our best-in-class mobile app... and we’ll make it work for you too.


What is FitTech?

FitTech is our integrated platform of 3D foot scans and retail purchase data that are matched up, via machine learning algorithms, to produce accurate size recommendations from anywhere at any time.

FitTech is not just about the in-store 3D foot scanner or the mobile scanning app, it's also about the oceans of data we capture with the scans and what you can do with this information to better serve your shoppers. This includes Volumental Engage, which offers things like personalized email campaigns or customized e-commerce pages that offer specific size and style recommendations based on our Fit Engine algorithms.


Some words from our customers

Joey Pointer

CEO, Fleet Feet

"One of the things I'm most proud of over the last few years is how quickly we've adopted Volumental technology, and how it's evolved our process. It’s just led to a better customer experience".

John Davidson

Senior Brand Manager, Bauer

"Key metrics such as increased traffic, improvements to overall average selling price, and overall consumer service levels have improved".

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