Fit is more than a size.
It’s a feeling.

Fast, accurate footwear recommendations matching shoppers to shoes that fit their feet.

Introducing: FitTech®

Our full omnichannel suite for footwear retailers that takes the guesswork out of sizing. Foot scanning, shoe recommendations, and data analysis, delivered with unparalleled speed and accuracy. 



Leverage the power of data

We have the largest dataset of 3D foot scans in the world - and turn that data into relevant information for your business.
Feet scanned (and counting...)
Stores we operate in
Images analyzed daily
Countries we are in

Find your fit

From independent running stores to global brands, our scalable solutions drive conversions for business of all sizes; in-store and online. 

In-Store Sizing

Capture 3D foot measurements in just 5 seconds with our in-store scanner. Our AI-driven Fit Engine® combines the results with purchase data to produce the world’s most accurate footwear recommendations on the spot. 


Online Sizing

Help shoppers find their fit online by scanning their feet with their smartphone. No app required - our online sizing solution integrates with your existing web store and is both Android and iOS compatible. 

Omnichannel Toolbox

Shorten the path-to-purchase and deliver unified retail experiences with our omnichannel toolbox. A premium fit experience is now possible at every touchpoint within your brand. Watch your customer satisfaction scores fly at the same time you capture 1st party data that your marketing team will love.

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Why Volumental?

Because we know fit. Founded in 2012 by PhD students (and one former NASA rocket scientist), Volumental is a science-driven company with the single purpose of creating better fit. 

That’s why we’re constantly innovating. Our subscription-based agreements ensure that you’ll always have access to new features, improvements and insights. We’re with you every step of the way (pun intended). 

Customer stories

"One of the things I’m proud of over the last few years is how quickly we’ve adopted Volumental technology, and how it’s evolved our process. It’s just led to a better customer experience."
Joey Pointer, CEO, Fleet Feet
"Key metrics such as increased traffic, improvements to overall average selling price, and overall consumer service levels have improved"
Senior Brand Manager, Bauer

Rethink fit

Learn how Volumental can increase your sales and rentals, reduce returns and provide a best-in-class customer experience for your shoppers both in-store and online.