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How FitTech™ Works: The Most Important Footwear Insights

By Volumental

Learn how our FitTech™ platform works to provide deep data insights, customer engagement, and an immersive shopping experience. 

Volumental partners with Under Armour

Volumental is the best-in-class retail fit technology with more than 22M+ foot scans globally and producing fantastic results for 90+ of the world's top retailers. Because fit isn't just a size; it's a feeling. 


Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) helps footwear retail solve fit and ignite a unique customer experience. Volumental understands our clients' challenges and created innovative personalized omnichannel solutions that produce:

  • Sales increases of 20 - 30%
  • Targeted email open rates above 75% and 2 - 3x conversion increases for emails and e-commerce experiences
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) increases of 15 - 20 %
  • Decrease in returns by an average of 18%

"It's pretty much unheard of that all franchisees are excited about investing in a technology, but we like to give them things that are irresistibly attractive," said Victor Ornelas, director of vendor management at Fleet Feet.

The FitTech™ platform delivers a holistic approach to helping retailers quickly and simply advance their relationships with shoppers while providing data insights to help long-term customer engagement and personalization.


Let's walk through how the FitTech platform works, as seen in the above fun infographic. 

  1. Scan customer feet via an in-store scanner in less than 5 seconds or online via Mobile app in about one minute.
  2. The scan goes into our AI-driven Fit Engine™ to gather the customers' best recommendations for fit and preferences.
  3. The customer views a personalized “fit list” of tailored footwear style and size recommendations based on their unique foot shape. And they will say over and over again - WOW!
  4. Now the customer journey becomes really sticky, as shopper data from our Fit Engine™  filters into our Engage personalization tools, giving you the ability to start an omnichannel experience tailored to each customer. Now that you've blown their minds with the relevant and accurate footwear recommendations, you can stay engaged with them at every touchpoint. Don't worry; 83% of customers state they are willing to give emails in return for a personalized shopping experience. 
  5. Last but not least, customers seamlessly and confidently purchase footwear they now know will fit them, building higher average lifetime customer value (LTV). Say hello to lower cart abandonment and returns and higher email open, clickthrough and conversion rates!  

The Volumental platform has quickly graduated from something that shoppers and retailers didn’t even know existed to a retail technology they can’t live without for shopping and omnichannel marketing.

With the power of AI, ML, and computer vision (CV), the platform quickly addresses personalization and the various complexities to compute them neatly into one equation, staged on a beautifully designed user experience where shoppers engage with an unforgettable shopping experience. Retailers become the heroes!


Ultimately, leaving customers with the confidence that they finally have the power to buy footwear that fits their needs by receiving personalized emails beyond just a name but showcasing items that will fit their unique foot shape and style.

"Customers love it, and our staff loves it! This solution is providing instant value on the shop floor and feeds us with valuable data that will make it possible for us to personalize service offerings," said Jonathan Clarke, international retail director at New Balance. 

Are you ready to elevate your retail fit technology and start delivering a unique personalized shopping experience to increase your sales and reduce returns? Schedule a demo today and join our list of more than 90+ retail partners in 46 countries delivering innovative solutions.