Big Data

Big Data

  • 21 minutes
  • Episode 5

In this episode, we're talking to Jeff Mergy, Chief Product Officer at Bold Metrics, and Cara Salpini, an award-winning journalist and senior editor for Retail Dive, about the impact of using big data in footwear and apparel development and retail experiences.

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About the episode

Tune in to hear interviews from Jeff Mergy, the incisive lead in defining and strategically launching innovative products at Bold Metrics. With over 15 years of product experience in apparel, footwear, hard goods, materials, and digital technology industries, Jeff understands what it takes to launch game-changing products and technologies successfully. Throughout his career, Jeff has displayed an outstanding commitment to internal and external customer experience and bottom-line results while proving to be a capable and adept leader. He has worked in numerous product categories, focusing on Apparel and Footwear at Columbia Sportswear. While leading the global innovation team at Columbia Sportswear, he honed his expertise in new technology commercialization, team development, and product and business strategy to help companies grow at scale. Jeff is also the host for BOLD Brands—a podcast that speaks with the CEOs and founders of brands that leverage technology to scale and succeed in the apparel industry.

And Cara Salpini, an award-winning journalist and senior editor for Retail Dive. Her work has been recognized by the Jesse H. Neal Awards and the American Society of Business Publication Editors on subjects ranging from executive diversity to Reebok’s rise and fall. Cara has a BA in English and Media Studies from the University of Virginia. 

We're specifically discussing:

  1. How Bold Metrics uses big data in apparel personalization, taking measurements from neck to ankle - and serving a diverse set of clients for suites, firefighter suits, fishing waders, fashion dresses, activewear, outdoor jackets, and much more. 

  2. Insight into how the apparel industry will change in the next five years.

  3. Predictions for how big data will be used in a web3 environment for virtual try-on.

  4. How big data is used to create custom products for shoppers in the beauty industry.

  5. Big data and privacy.

  6. Cara Salpini's article in Retail Dive, "Why running brands are finally making shoes for women."
    Why brands are breaking from tradition and investing in running shoes that are actually manufactured for a woman’s foot.