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3 Reasons Your Customers are Buying the Wrong Size Shoe

By Volumental

Their Feet Aren’t Fixed

The main reason customers buy ill-fitting shoes is a lack of knowledge and awareness about the dynamic nature of their feet. Feet are not static; they change shape and size over time due to various life events and health factors. During pregnancy, for instance, hormonal changes and weight gain cause feet to expand, sometimes by a whole shoe size (circa 10 mm). Additionally, injuries may result in swelling or changes in foot structure. Furthermore, age and weight fluctuations can also affect foot size.

Many shoppers remain unaware of these foot changes and assume that their shoe size remains constant throughout their adult lives. As an informed retailer, you can play a pivotal role in addressing this issue by educating your customers about the transformative nature of feet - empowering them to make more informed decisions when selecting the right shoe. Providing accurate insights through tools like Volumental, which employs 3D scanning technology to precisely measure feet, helps shoppers to adapt to their changing needs, leading to increased satisfaction, reduced returns, and enhanced brand loyalty.


Shoe Sizing Isn’t Standardized

Another significant factor contributing to your customers buying the wrong size shoes is the lack of standardized sizing systems across brands and shoe types. Shoe sizes can vary significantly among manufacturers, resulting in confusion and frustration for shoppers. Additionally, different shoe styles or materials may require customers to choose a different size than what they typically wear.

By leveraging technology such as Volumental, retailers can ensure that their sizing recommendations align with the unique characteristics of each brand and style. The use of accurate foot measurements obtained through 3D scanning technology allows for personalized size recommendations, accounting for specific factors like foot length, width, and arch shape. On average, the use of Volumental scanners reduces in-store return rates by 18%, which demonstrates the vital role of perfect fit. 

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Your Store Staff Are Swamped

Many customers struggle to find the right shoe size due to limited in-store assistance and fitting opportunities. Even your most talented store clerks are usually outnumbered by customers, setting a limit on how many shoppers can be served and fitted on any given day. When shoppers don't have time to wait for assistance from a clerk, they're more likely to make a purchase with less relevant information, increasing the chances of a poor fit. 

Customers often want personalized guidance to understand their unique foot shape and make the most suitable shoe selection. By integrating Volumental's advanced technology into the in-store experience, retailers can offer their customers a more personalized and accurate fitting process. Volumental's 3D scanning technology captures detailed foot measurements across 12 dimensions, including length, width, and arch shape, allowing you to recommend the perfect size and style for every customer from your in-store inventory. This personalized approach enhances the customer experience, instills confidence in their purchase decision, and minimizes the chances of buying ill-fitting shoes.

By addressing these three factors and utilizing Volumental's accurate insights, you can empower your customers to find the perfect shoe size. Educating shoppers about foot changes, understanding the inconsistency of brand size guides, and offering personalized fitting experiences is an absolute game changer when it comes to today’s footwear retail landscape. Helping customers discover the right shoe size is a win-win situation for retailers and shoppers alike. By providing the knowledge and tools necessary for a better shoe-buying experience, you can foster customer loyalty, increase sales, and create a positive shopping environment that keeps customers coming back for more.

Did you know that many of your customers are buying shoes that don’t fit their feet? It’s not their fault - our feet change size and shape throughout our lives, and brand size guidelines are anything but consistent. Finding the right fit is a challenge that few consumers are adequately equipped for, and the result is more returns, reduced customer satisfaction, and fewer sales. Today we'll explore three reasons why your customers buy the wrong size or type of shoe, and how 3D foot scanning technology can turn the fitting headache into a retail opportunity.