About Volumental

We’re a diverse team of PhD-level engineers, data scientists, UX researchers, and retail experts working together to solve: connecting customers with the most accurate footwear recommendations for a comfortable fit using 3D foot scans.



To shape a future free from sizes, where every body fits.



We believe every body is unique and deserves a simple and fun way to find a perfect fit.

Our FitTech solutions take the guesswork out of sizing for all shoppers and the brands and retailers who serve them.

Because the perfect fit is not a size, it’s a feeling.

We Are Fast

We're talking about fast like a cheetah. Like love at first sight. Like the speed at which free donuts disappear from the office. You get the idea.

We Know Retail

Who doesn't have a few shopping war stories? From the back room to the sales floor, every single one of our products was made for the good, bad, and ugly of retail.

We Are Global

Our solution is up and running in 45 countries, helping people find their dream shoes on every populated continent. Plus, our team tells bad jokes in 21 different languages.

We Have The Expertise

Not to brag, but our team holds five PhDs and expertise in machine learning, computer vision, design, and business development. Okay, maybe we’re bragging a teeny bit.

We Make Tech Human

We’re never going to sacrifice human moments at the altar of technology just because “AI-driven software” sounds pretty cool on our website.

We Care About The Future

We want to personalize the world, not turn it into something cold and coded. Beneath all our bottom lines and bleeding edges, we’re really just a bunch of softies.

Come work with us!