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How FitTech Helps You Find High-Intent Customers at Your Footwear Store

By Volumental

Grab Their Attention

Most footwear stores look like every other footwear store. By contrast, the Volumental in-store scanner offers a novel experience for customers that they might not have seen anywhere else. With an eye-catching fixture, placed strategically on the store’s floor plan, the FitTech station draws in high-intent customers and separates them from window shoppers. Customers willing to engage with your in-store technologies are likely open to further discussion with your floor staff. 

1-1At this branch of Sun & Sand Sports, the Volumental scanner is clearly highlighted with an eye-catching fixture that gives customers straight-forward instructions on how to get their measurements and recommendations. 

According to recent research by Shopify, 32% of consumers say they’re likely to engage with in-store experiential moments, and 35% shop in-store because they find the experience enjoyable. By creating opportunities for novel and unexpected experiences, stores create tighter bonds with their shoppers and make it easier to spot those high-intent customers.


Fill In The Gaps

A high-intent shopper typically has some idea of what they want to buy, but there are several pieces that need to fall into place to secure a successful purchase. For example, if a shopper knows that they want a pair of running shoes, perhaps from a specific brand, they still need to find a size and model that fits and is within their budget. The in-store scanner is a tool that helps the customer fill in those knowledge gaps in order to feel confident in making a purchase.

2-2A store clerk can use the information captured by the Volumental scanner to have an informed discussion with the customer, and make relevant recommendations.

At a store with a Volumental scanner, the customer could choose to have their feet scanned, in order to receive sizing information that will help them find a great fit, and footwear recommendations based on their specific fit profile. When you see that a shopper is using a foot scanner, it’s a safe bet that they have high intent and are eager for more information to help them make a purchase. At this point your store staff can educate the customer about the results of their foot scan and ask questions about their needs and preferences. 

Stay In Touch

New research by Edelman, which studied more than 13,000 consumers, has shown that the traditional one-way purchase funnel is increasingly outdated. Instead, 78% of consumers find things that attract them and make them loyal to a brand after their first purchase. When you scan the feet of your high-intent footwear shoppers, they are given the option to request their foot scan via an email connected to your online store. This allows them to opt-in to your email marketing and / or loyalty program, so that if they want to view their foot scan at a later date, they will go to your store website to do so.

3When you provide your customers with unexpected value, they keep coming back for more - so make sure to give them ways to stay connected with your brand. 

On average, shoppers who have their feet scanned with Volumental go on to view their scan between 5-6 times a year - that’s a lot of good touchpoints for them to engage with your brand. By staying in touch with your customers, you build that relationship and increase your presence at the front of their mind when they next want to buy a pair of shoes. 

So, to recap:

  • When you identify high-intent shoppers, you use the time and energy of your floor staff more 
    effectively and increase the likelihood of conversion
  • By creating novel store experiences that engage and surprise customers you can recognize motivated buyers more easily
  • High-intent shoppers are looking for information that will allow them to feel confident in making a purchase - use a scanner to give them the knowledge they want 
  • Use the data you gather about a shopper’s feet to build trust with them and dial in on exactly what they need
  • Use the email capture functionality of the FitTech solution to stay in contact with shoppers after the transaction is complete, building a longer-term relationship
Interested in knowing more about how to use FitTech in your footwear business? Check out of some of our customer success stories to see how leading brands and retailers are leveraging Volumental to reduce returns, increase sales, and take their retail experience to the next level. 

There are countless ways to segment customers, but two especially useful categories are high-intent and low-intent. High-intent shoppers are motivated buyers with a strong understanding of what they want. Low-intent shoppers are less engaged, less decisive, and less likely to convert. Stores that systematically identify high-intent shoppers can use that knowledge to deliver exceptional customer service to those people most likely to complete a purchase, and allocate their floor staff’s energy and attention with the highest return on effort. Volumental’s in-store FitTech solutions powerfully enhance that capability, and in this blog we’ll explain how.