Volumental and SCAROSSO use 3D technology to revolutionize bespoke shoes

BERLIN – March 2015. Volumental and SCAROSSO announced a partnership to launch a worldwide bespoke service using 3D technology to capture the measurements needed to create bespoke shoes. The maker of Italian leather shoes and the Swedish 3D technology company Volumental are partnering to combine the technology of the future with the craft of the past.


The bespoke line offers a new and unique combination of cutting edge 3D technology and traditional craftsmanship. Based on 3D data of the foot SCAROSSO will create fully bespoke lasts, which will be used to create handmade Italian leather shoes. The customer is at the very center of the process and the shoes are created according to the precise measurements of the wearers foot. The partnership with Volumental allows the feet to be measured with millimeter precision in just a few seconds using cutting edge 3D body scanning technology.


Volumental envisions a world in which everything you wear is customized to fit you. To enable that vision, Volumental has specialized in accurately scanning body parts, in this case feet, with their cloud-based 3D technology. In a first step Volumental’s software will be introduced in the SCAROSSO stores, in a second step the customer will be able to use his tablet or mobile phone at home to capture a scan.


The extracted measurements will be sent to SCAROSSO’s last makers where individual lasts are created using the specific measurements and then sent to Italy where the shoe is handcrafted based on the individual lasts. With an individual last, the customer receives their own last-ID and thus the possibility to re-order a bespoke shoe online through the SCAROSSO website at any time. SCAROSSO customers can further use the scan to be matched to the right fit of shoes from other SCAROSSO product lines. The use of Volumental’s 3D technology will also allow for offering the luxury of a bespoke shoe for a broad customer group than what is possible today.


Customers will be able to test the new service starting in summer/fall 2015 in the Frankfurt SCAROSSO store.


About Volumental

Volumental is a Stockholm-based 3D software company building a platform for the future of product customization. Volumental’s cloud-based software enables accurate scanning of the human body using mobile devices. The body data can then be used to buy and create fully customized products. Volumental’s 3D scanning and modeling software originated with a 2012 research project at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Today the international team consists of 17 people with experience within research at NASA, Google, Cambridge, Stanford and includes five PhD level computer vision researchers.

Media Contact Volumental: Anna Malkan, +46 70 543 0413, anna@volumental.com


About Scarosso

Founded by Moritz Offeney and Marco Reiter in 2010, Scarosso breaks the traditional models of distribution and defines a new category of luxury. The uncompromising, high quality, Italian handcrafted shoes and accessories from Scarosso are offered at unrivalled low prices - ready to wear, bespoke and customized designs.

Media Contact Scarosso: Patricia Woerler-Horzon, +49 30 20 89 80 6 - 22, pr@scarosso.com