Enabling Consumers to Create Printable 3D-Selfies with Intel Powered Tablets

Innovative Startups Unveil a Mobile App Prototype for Capturing Real 3D-Printable Selfies That Can be Used in Gaming, Custom Fitted Merchandise and Other Fun Uses; Validates Explosive Potential of Emerging Mobile 3D Technology


BARCELONA – March 2, 2015 – Computer vision companies, Dacuda and Volumental, have teamed up to unveil the world's first mobile application for easily creating printable 3D-Selfies, simply by capturing video on a mobile tablet. The early prototype will be shown to the public at Mobile World Congress on a Dell Venue 8 7000 tablet – the world's thinnest tablet featuring the Intel® RealSense™ R100 platform.


The application is based on Dacuda's SLAM Scan 3D engine, capturing depth information in real-time using regular cameras. It represents the next big advancement of the technology used in Dacuda's 3DAround application enabling foodies to capture their food in full 3D models with just their iPhone.


"Our vision is to give consumers the ability to capture and share beautiful 3D experiences within seconds using just their mobile device," said Dr. Alexander Ilic, Founder and CTO of Dacuda.


Taking multiple 3D images from Dacuda's 3D engine and Volumental's cloud-based reconstruction technology, it renders a high-resolution, fully meshed and textured model that can be used to enable customized products and services in both the physical and digital world.


“As this app becomes available on tablets we will see a number of customizable products that vastly demonstrate how 3D technology can change the products we use every day,” said Volumental CEO Caroline Walerud. “Imagine purchasing perfectly fitting eyeglasses or helmets from home, or starring in your favorite computer game; all as a result of a 3D head model that you captured on your tablet!”


Dacuda and Volumental chose the Dell Venue 8 7000 Android tablet as a demo device because of its powerful Moorefield chipset and an Intel® RealSense™ Snapshot (R100).


“Dacuda and Volumental have been great companies to work with in developing fast and easy 3D imaging technologies for Intel® RealSense™ solutions,” said Wolfgang Petersen, Director SSG – Developer Relations Division – Developer Relations Division, at Intel EMEA. “The teams’ insight, flexibility and commitment have proven invaluable to lay the groundwork for bringing fast and easy 3D capturing to consumers. Independent Software Vendors such as Dacuda and Volumental will continue to play a critical role in the success of Intel's 3D initiative in the future.”


About Dacuda

Dacuda is a privately held computer vision company that pioneered a new way of scanning. Dacuda's patented and mass-market proven SLAM Scan® technology enables real-time image stitching over space and time for any handheld device. Applications include smart peripherals (e.g. PocketScan), mobile photography (e.g. LTL Panorama), and 3D object capture. The headquarters are located in Zurich, Switzerland.


About Volumental

Volumental is a Stockholm-based 3D software company building a platform for the future of product customization. Volumental’s cloud-based software enables accurate scanning of the human body using mobile devices. The body data can then be used to buy and create fully customized products. Volumental’s 3D scanning and modeling software originated with a 2012 research project at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Today the international team consists of 17 people with experience within research at NASA, Google, Cambridge, Oxford, Stanford and includes five PhD level computer vision researchers.