At Volumental we are working hard to change the way we buy and create products. We're driven by the challenge of solving really difficult problems while aiming to make the fashion industry more sustainable and minimizing blisters! Do you want to develop accurate 3D body scanning on mobile devices, or work with big shoe manufacturers on implementing mass customization projects?


The team is the best thing about Volumental. We bring together talented, driven and visionary people from all over the world and from many academic disciplines. Lunch discussion topics range from singularity to how to fix the school system to exercise and urban gardening. We usually eat lunch together, have a drink at the Friday afternoon demo session, and have team events regularly.


We work hard for equality and diversity. We are part of TechEq (an initiative to promote gender equality in the IT business) and last year we held a workshop on 3D head scanning at Tekla, singer Robyn's initiative to encourage girls to study engineering. For the right person, we are happy to assist with getting Swedish residence permits and have done so earlier already. Our team of 39 people - and two dogs - includes 18 nationalities!


We don’t do slow bureaucracy. Everyone should give and value feedback. Honest and open communication is important and regardless of your role, you should never leave a meeting without expressing your opinion.


We do not stick to a path or opinion to “save face”. When we discover a mistake we admit it and set it right as soon as possible. We are flexible and agile, not afraid to change our minds in light of new information.


Our team owns the company and makes a real difference to what Volumental does. Our employees excel because we value initiative, leadership and independence. Working with freedom and responsibility mean that we work hard and enjoy it!


We do what we love. Life should feel good. Work at Volumental should continue to challenge employees and we never stop developing our work and ourselves.


Startups are the best place to learn. As part of a dynamic and fast growing startup, every person can really see the impact of their work, and how it fits into the company as a whole. You have the opportunity to excel faster than in a traditional organization. We always encourage employees to go to workshops, the latest Pycon, hackathons, entrepreneurship events, and cutting-edge computer vision seminars. We have a balanced company culture focused on lean process, productivity and health. Both early birds and night owls fit in with our flexible working hours. We encourage employees to take paid parental leave and enjoy other benefits of the Swedish welfare system.